The Other Side of the World

All fifteen year-old EJ Ramos wants is to be more like his brother Charlie. Charlie is popular, athletic, and about to go to Harvard. Plus he’s their dad’s favorite kid—he says so at Charlie’s going away party, in front of all their family and friends, much to EJ’s horror. Charlie can also pass for white, unlike EJ who takes after their Filipino dad more than their white mom.

When EJ’s Nanay (grandma) dies, his dad drags him to the Philippines for her funeral. It’s EJ’s first trip to Asia and he’s stunned when he sees the shack where his dad grew up. While going through Nanay’s things EJ’s dad finds a bucket list. As EJ helps his dad with Nanay’s bucket list and bonds with his many cousins, he learns life—and people—always have the ability to surprise you.

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This project is represented by Penny Moore of Aevitas Creative Management.