One Love


Thompson has an awesome girlfriend in former Kmart co-worker Greta, but there’s a problem: she’s going to college across the world in Rome, Italy, which is exactly 8,021 miles from Honolulu, Hawaii. To keep busy Thompson joins the staff of Hawaii Western University’s newspaper where he meets a cast of characters including Kenny, the outspoken editor of the paper; Tony, a young father; and Charlotte, a copy editor who shares his love of Elvis’s music. He and Ronnie, his best friend/roommate, also join the intramural dodgeball team and do their best to gain the freshman fifteen. Their friendship becomes strained, however, when Ronnie finds a girlfriend. To make matters worse Greta grows increasingly closer to Enrico, a handsome Italian classmate.

Down but not out, Thompson makes plans to remind Greta why he’s the one for her. Will his romantic overtures succeed or will they fall flat? Will he discover that, despite what he believes, a person can have more than One Love?

One Love, the companion novel to One Night (2016), is a contemporary novel about college, friendship, and long-distance relationships. Though it is technically a sequel to One Night it can be read as a standalone novel.

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