Health vs. Writing (Health Wins)

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A few weeks ago I was trying to walk to our recycling bin at the end of our driveway, but slipped and fell on some black ice on our front step and fell face-first into decorative bricks that line our garden. The front step and I both looked like a crime scene, and that’s putting it mildly. I went to the ER and had to get seven stitches. They were the first stitches of my life which meant I was terrified. It was not a fun night to say the least.

That weekend I had planned to read through my current work in progress again and revise. But reading just one chapter of an already published book was taxing. Reading a simple work email was like reading a thesis on biochemical products’ effect on climate change in the Carpathian Mountains (totally made up topic, but you get the idea). I also had pounding headaches, painful face swelling, and spent every spare minute sleeping instead of being productive. As someone who prides themselves on doing as much as I can all the time this was definitely an adjustment.

When something like that happens you are forced to pause and take a break whether you want to or not.  Writing is important to me, but now I realize my self-imposed deadline of turning this manuscript in within a month wasn’t realistic or necessary. My agent always says take however long it takes. For the first time ever I am going to play that card and not rush myself or try to finish ahead of some arbitrary schedule. Health is important. Taking care of yourself is important. Writing is important, too, but it comes after health in terms of priorities.

Thankfully, I am fine and didn’t get a concussion. I didn’t break anything either which is a miracle. I have a scar on my forehead like Harry Potter, however.

So what am I trying to say here? No passion or hobby is more important than your health…also, be careful on black ice if you live in a cold climate.

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