Help our friend Mila

Help our friend Mila

Dear readers,

As some of you may have gathered from reading my posts or following my Instagram feed, my husband is Serbian. We have started a Go Fund Me campaign for his best friend’s daughter who lives in Serbia and has cerebral palsy.


Mila is a sweetheart (we spent a lot of time with her and family last year and will see them again this summer) but has trouble doing many things on her own such as holding a glass of water, sitting up, etc. I hate being hit up for money as much as the next person but this is definitely a good cause. Mila needs treatment and surgery that will hopefully help her do these small things a lot of us take for granted. Mila’s twin sister Lena is totally healthy, but Mila is 100% dependent on her parents.

To read all the details please visit this page-

Anything you can do to help spread the word is appreciated!