Just for fun- my MC interviewing me

Just for fun, I imagined what it would be like if Thompson, the main character of One Night, interviewed me about the book. I’m pretty sure it would go something like this:

Thompson: Thanks for talking with me, Dee. This is so exciting!

DC: Thanks, T-dawg. Can I call you that?

Thompson: Hell yeah! Ok, so where did you get the idea for this book?

DC: Well I’ve always kind of loved Elvis. Not always, actually. My sister and I took a road trip to Graceland a few years ago and that pretty much changed everything.

Thompson: Cool. So how do you know so much about Elvis impersonators?

DC: My sister and I have seen a lot of them. Like ten of them. We’ve also seen a number of Elvis’s movies.

Thompson: So you guys are like my ex, but a duo?

DC: I guess you could say that.

Thompson: Let’s talk about the Hawaii angle. Why that state?

DC: It’s the only place I’ve ever been to that’s ever felt like home to me besides home. And I love plate lunches. God, I wish someone would open a plate lunch place in Chicago. Or a plate lunch truck. And I love surfing and the beach!

Thompson: So is there going to be another book about me and Johnny, because you know we’ve gotten into a crap ton of other adventures that aren’t covered in the book…

DC: Yeah, I know. I think about it sometimes. I know you guys are raising hell together.

Thompson: For sure. We NEED another book.

DC: I’m afraid it won’t be interesting anymore, though, when you’re an adult. You know, like none of the Hangover sequels are as good as the first one in my opinion. I don’t want it to be like that.

Thompson: Are you kidding me?  I just become more Thompson-esque as I age!  Even more so since I’m basically staring death in the face.

DC: Fair point. We’ll see.  Meanwhile I encourage you to read my new book about EJ Ramos and his dad. I think you two would be friends.

Thompson: From what I’ve heard that’s probably true. So about the next ThomJohn book…

DC: Did you just say ThomJohn?

Thompson: Yeah, for me and Johnny. You know like Brangelina? That would make a great hashtag. #ThomJohn

DC: We’ll see if that catches on

Thompson: You know it will!


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