Who I’d Cast in One Night the movie

My One Night Dream Cast (1)

I’m pretty sure every writer fantasizes about their novel being made into a movie and even goes so far as to think about who would play their main characters.  I know I have.

It’s taken me months to find someone who I would pick to play Thompson in One Night.  In the last few weeks, though, I’ve run across a few potential candidates.

For example, this kid, Dash Williams, from Fresh Off the Boat could play Thompson in about 5 years. He’s a little young now, but I totally see him as Thompson in the future. If you ever watch the show he’s equal parts weird yet endearing.

Noah Galvin from The Real O’Neals could also play Thompson. He would need to dye his hair blond, and I still think he’s a little too pretty for Thompson’s character lol, but he has the right comedic timing.

As for Johnny, I’ve always pictured Theo James donning the white jumpsuit. I think it would be a great challenge for him to play an Elvis impersonator.

I could also see Skylar Astin as Johnny.  He seems to be the right height and we already know he can sing from his part in Pitch Perfect.

There’s also Justin Hartley from This is Us. I used to watch him on Smallville. He could definitely be Johnny if he dyed his hair black. He might be my top pick!

What about you?

Any ideas for the One Night cast or the cast of your own novels?

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