50 Book Marketing Ideas

50 Awesome Book Marketing Ideas

Writers- here are some ideas if you’re looking for some marketing inspiration. If you have any other ideas I’d love to hear them! Scroll down below to get a PDF version of this.


  1. Hire a professional editor
  2. Hire a proofreader
  3. Get a professional book cover designed
  4. Use a book template – see bookdesigntemplates.com


  1. Set up a web site
  2. Set up a blog
  3. Build an email list. Set one up for free using Mailchimp
  4. Send a monthly newsletter
  5. Post a free first chapter of your book on your site or on Amazon
  6. Guest blog on other writers’ sites
  7. Categorize your book correctly on Amazon–make sure to use all the keyword slots available to you
  8. Share photos and blog posts about the writing process with your readers.

Social Media

  1. Set up a Facebook author page
  2. Set up a Twitter account
  3. Set up a Goodreads author page
  4. Set up Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube–whatever makes sense for you
  5. Use Hootsuite to automate social media posts or Facebook prescheduling
  6. Create a hashtag for your book
  7. Link Facebook and Twitter to save time
  8. Set up a Google plus account to optimize SEO
  9. Post quotes from your book


  1. Email all your personal contacts
  2. Email all your coworkers/business contacts
  3. Email your official subscriber list
  4. Email your college alumni office
  5. Email your high school
  6. Promote to professional organizations – SCBWI, RWA, etc.
  7. Find five targeted blogs that appeal to your audience
  8. Contact groups that might have an interest in your book (e.g. if your book involves a racecar driver see if any enthusiasts or industry magazines want to promote your book)
  9. Send an electronic press kit to pertinent media
  10. Organize an online book tour

Printed Media

  1. Get bookmarks or postcards printed
  2. Get flyers printed
  3. Get business cards with your web site URL printed on them


  1. Use Goodreads to solicit reviews
  2. Pay for reviews from industry publications
  3. Solicit reviews from critique partners, family, or friends


  1. Call libraries to set up events
  2. Call bookstores to arrange signings
  3. Call schools and see if English classes would like you to come in and speak
  4. Host a book signing at a non-traditional venue: pizza place, bar, etc.
  5. Make an appearance at a local book club—via Skype or in person
  6. Partner with another author or two on events
  7. Sell books at festivals, craft fairs, or farmer’s markets


  1. Make a book trailer
  2. Create memes about your book
  3. Create book swag – t-shirts, canvas bags, etc.
  4. Run a giveaway on Goodreads, your site, or social media
  5. Apply for book awards
  6. Test a paid book promotion – BookBub, Kindle Nation, Ereader News Today, etc.

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