Where I Write

Most of my writing is done on a commuter train, but a lot of writing also happens at this desk right here.


I dream about the day when I can have an actual office where I can lay my notes everywhere and tack character charts to the walls and rearrange an entire chalkboard full of post-it notes that each have a scene of a current work in progress on them. Until that day I am happy to write and edit in my little corner of the house.

What about you?  What is your work space like?

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  1. Yours looks awesome! I don’t have a desk, so I have to use my 10 year-old son’s one, and camp in his bedroom whenever I want peace and quiet. Just like you, I dream of a proper office, a room I could call mine and separate myself from the rest of the world. Instead, I’m surrounded by football posters, discarded clothes and various boys toys…

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