Best Marketing Advice for Self-Published Authors

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I’ve been doing research on self-publishing for the last several months and have found these links to be the most helpful when trying to figure out how to market your novel.

The best comprehensive marketing plan I’ve found is on Michel Sauret’s web site.

He has the most easy-to-follow guide I’ve seen if you’re thinking about releasing a book on your own.  His plan includes everything involved with producing a book and marketing it, including when to submit your book for review.

Pretty much anything on Jane Friedman’s web site can help you. Dare I say her web site is the online Bible for self-published authors.  If you visit any site as you develop your marketing plan go here. She is a highly successful self-published author and businesswoman and the former publisher of Writer’s Digest.

Joanna Penn, the force behind The Creative Penn, also offers a wealth of valuable information about self-publishing. She is a successful self-publisher of nonfiction and fiction and once you start looking at her site you’ll find it’s hard not to read every article.

Lindsay Buroker has a great post about how to approach librarians about your book.

Lastly, indie author Jamie Jo Hoang’s web site is a great resource. She wrote a nice piece for Writer’s Digest on how to assemble your own media kit. I think she’s a great resource because of the quality of her novel which earned a Kirkus starred review.

Other helpful links that can help you market your novel:

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