Why you shouldn’t use a pen name


Hey all, if you read this blog you know I was previously posting under the pen name Odelia Emmanuel (which was a tribute to my mom and dad, but that is probably TMI). After much deliberation I decided to use my real name for my writing.

My reasons:

  1. I’m proud of my writing. As such my real name should stand behind it.
  2. It’s exhausting to maintain two online personalities, i.e. email addresses, Twitter accounts, etc. Managing one brand just makes life easier.
  3. Like a lot of you, I was worried about privacy. But here’s the thing: I can be a writer, use my real name, and not broadcast details about my personal life. And let’s be real: there aren’t that many people who are interested in my private life. With celebrities galore I am just not that interesting and I’m okay with that 🙂 Plus, with the advent of the internet there aren’t many things that are private anymore.
  4. When people see my book out there I want them to know it was me who wrote it. I guess it’s an ego thing!

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  1. I am using a pen name myself, because I want to keep my privacy, just like the recluse author of yesteryear lol. I know unfortunately in this day and age, it’s not the best thing to do though (just like I don’t post pictures of me) but I just don’t have the guts to do so. I think it takes a lot of courage to put yourself, your real self, in front of an audience. Good luck with your decision.

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