Books that Blew My Mind This Week

I read two books during the last week that were so good I had to blog about them.

First up: RULES FOR 50/50 CHANCES by Kate McGovern. This YA novel is about a girl, Rose, who is a ballerina and whose mother has Huntington’s disease. For those of you who remember the show Everwood (yes, I am showing my age here), Hannah’s father on the show had Huntington’s. If I remember correctly he was never shown on screen, but alluded to many times. Anyway, in Kate McGovern’s book Rose has a 50/50 chance of getting Huntington’s herself and finds out she can take the test without parental consent now that she is 18. I won’t spoil the ending, but suffice it to say I was bawling, so much so that my husband asked, “Is everything ok?! Stop reading that book!” Yes, hubby, everything is fine. Usually I read about one book a year that makes me cry and this was the first of 2016!

The second book I read this week, in less than 24 hours (I should note I work full-time) was Nicola Yoon’s EVERYTHING EVERYTHING. This gem of a YA novel is about a girl named Madeline who has never been outside her entire life. She lives in a house that is completely free of contaminants otherwise she might die (like the bubble boy). She only hangs out with her mom and doctor Carla. But then a cute boy named Olly moves in across the street and they start emailing and she begs Carla to let them meet. He and Madeline strike up a deep friendship which is the catalyst for a whole bunch of events I won’t mention here for fear of spoiling it. This was a page turner with beautiful drawings included among the text, too.

If you love YA novels you have to read these books.  Now!

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