How Authors Can Use Pinterest

For years I did not understand the appeal of Pinterest. Even when an acquaintance told me, “Just go on there one day. You will get lost for hours” – I didn’t believe her. But then I read an article about how authors can use Pinterest to market their books and suddenly I had a reason to get an account.

Jane Friedman recently shared a great post about how Pinterest can help you drive traffic to your site and also be a good visualization tool when working on a manuscript.

She’s Novel has an awesome Pinterest page filled with writing tips. The posts are easy to read, eye-catching, and provide the user with info they can use to improve their writing.

There’s also a great post on Your Writer Platform about 34 specific ways you can use Pinterest to market yourself and your book.

As for me?  I just think Pinterest is a great way to collect images that remind me of my novels. It’s a different way for my characters and their worlds to come alive. I’ve also started posting writing tips on Pinterest, too.

What about you? Have you used Pinterest to market your books?

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