February Update

Hello readers,

Hope you’ve all had a great start to 2016!  I wanted to update you on what I’m working on, reading, and other fun stuff.  My plan is to do an update like this every month.

What I’m writing:

-I’m working on a YA novel tentatively called The Other Side of the World.  It’s about a first generation Filipino American who travels to the Philippines with his dad to complete the items on his recently deceased grandmother’s bucket list.  It’s further complicated by the fact that the main character and his dad don’t really get along.

-I’m also working on finding representation for One Night.

What I’m reading:

Corrupted by Lisa Scottoline.  I love a good legal drama/thriller.

The Membership Economy by Robbie Kellman Baxter. This is a reading assignment for work.  While it’s interesting and will certainly help me in my day job, it’s not something I’d normally pick up.  I much prefer reading for fun!

-I just finished an ARC of SJ Laidlaw’s Fifteen Lanes.  It was a great read about a girl who’s born into a brothel in India.

What I’m watching:

The Bachelor.  Even though I can’t imagine trying to find love in such a public forum I love the cattiness and competition among the ladies.  It’s just a great example of what real life isn’t.

Superstore.  Anyone who has ever worked in any kind of customer service job can relate to this show.

Younger.  As someone who loves reading and writing this is an entertaining view of the publishing industry.

-Also just finished the Bernie Madoff miniseries starring Richard Dreyfuss.  Amazing that there were so many red flags the SEC just ignored…

Hope you all have a great February.

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