Why Showing your writing to others is extremely important


I might be wrong in this assumption, but I think most writers are introverts by nature.  They’re more comfortable observing the crowd and taking it all in instead of being the center of attention.  That shyness can be a big hindrance when it comes to writing.

I wish I could go back in time and give my younger self a valuable writing tip: share your work.  Years ago, and even sometimes now, I am terrified to show other people what I’ve written.  But I’ve found that it is the only real way to significantly improve.  Yes, there is a lot you can learn about the craft through reading, workshops, etc. But the fastest and best way to learn is to have someone else, many someones in fact, critique your work.

Years ago the word “smile” used to appear in my manuscripts far more often than was necessary, excessively so.  I never noticed this until an editor pointed it out.  I never did it again and now the word “smile” rarely appears in my manuscripts. Requests for my work increased 250% after I started showing my work to others.  Sharing my writing has helped me more than any writing course ever has.

I just wish I’d learned this sooner.

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