Remove these words from your manuscript


Or, as I like to call it, Advanced Show Don’t Tell.

It will be difficult to eradicate every instance of these words from your manuscript, but you’ll find if you do a search on them (two or three times) you can eliminate a high percentage of them and provide stronger description of what’s happening on the page.

  • feel
  • felt
  • think
  • thought
  • LY words
  • ING words
  • smile – a lot of times words like smile and laugh are implied by dialogue or action and don’t need to be included
  • laugh
  • grin
  • frown
  • gaze
  • stare
  • very
  • seem
  • really
  • great
  • looked
  • swear words – usually there is a better way to describe a character’s emotion through action

Reduce the frequency of the above words and you’ll find your manuscript to be 100% stronger.

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